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LET’S SKATE! is a joyful, fresh & authentic celebration of skating and friendship. Created by Claire Ndario & Kandice Johnson to inspire readers to embrace others, along with their different interests.


Featuring an ethnically diverse friendship group, Black protagonist and Swahili phrases. British-Kenyan author Claire Ndario’s book is an inspirational celebration of childhood culture that has been stunningly brought to life by Black American illustrator Kandice Johnson.


Our main character Njeri loves to skate; she would even sleep in her skates if she could! Follow in this beautifully illustrated picture book as our skating star learns that although her friends all have different interests, it can be so much fun to engage in them alongside each other! There is so much to enjoy in this stunning picture book, which beautifully celebrates friendship, individuality and acceptance.


LET'S SKATE! is typeset in Dyslexie a typeface – specially designed for people with dyslexia – which enhances the ease of reading and comprehension,  and is printed in full colour on 200gsm paper.

Let's Skate!

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