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Why I wrote… Seedlings (part 3)

I have always been fascinated with the folklore and traditions passed onto me by my family; the fantastical worlds and tales offered a welcoming escape from the many challenges I faced outside. A safe space.

At first I was nervous; out of love I didn’t want to just repurpose what was already there. I wanted to express my adoration whilst creating something different and new, so I began with questioning why these stories were created and told. If Duennes were created to teach young children not to go wandering in the woods, what do my children need protecting from and how can I prepare them for what lies ahead? Would it be possible to create a new mythology while being respectful of what is already there?

Since I can remember, magic and stories have been my special interests and what better way to show my children I love them than by sharing this with them? - Curtis Ackie

To help support our work (and to receive limited edition, free of charge merchandise with the book) You can pre-order SEEDLINGS exclusively here.

Cover Artwork by Brianna McCarthy

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