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Why I wrote… Seedlings (part 2)

As an autistic I find society frightening; there are just so many unwritten rules that seem to change the second you think you have them nailed down. Keeping up is exhausting. Growing up I found friendships difficult and all too often my coping mechanisms and need for solitude were perceived as cold or arrogant. Being unrestrained with my emotions somehow alienated me. Stories and my family were my escape and safe space then, and this remains true now.

One of the things I wanted to do with Seedlings was to imagine a society in which there is space for all of us. What would such a place look like? What would it sound like? Of course, my autie utopia might not be desirable to all but it is a space where everyone is definitely welcome! - Curtis Ackie

To help support our work (and to receive limited edition, free of charge merchandise with the book) You can pre-order SEEDLINGS exclusively here.

Cover Artwork by Brianna McCarthy

Photo by Charlotte Gray


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