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Why I wrote... Seedlings (part 1)

Curtis Ackie's latest book, SEEDLINGS is available for pre-order from today! His first for ages 12+, SEEDLINGS consists of nine enchanted neo-fables rooted in West Indian folklore, with each tale accompanied by an enthralling illustration by Trinidadian mixed media visual communicator Brianna McCarthy.

We'll be running a series of micro-blogs until the release date in the first half of 2022, and in today's post we ask WHY. Why this book and why these stories?

"Many of the good times that fashioned my childhood were sewn together by stories; my aunt’s ghostly tales on a pitch black Carriacou night, my dad’s memories of exploring the mangroves as a child and the different worlds painted in the songs my mum listened to at home. It is usually the tales with the most intrigue that make the biggest impression and stick the closest to me. I can never get enough of hearing how my grandad once found out which of my aunt’s work colleagues had stolen her handbag with the use of a key, a piece of string and an open bible. Stories have shaped who I am as a person, they have warned me away from danger, comforted me, entertained me and helped me to understand others and myself. There is nothing quite like sinking into a wild and wonderful tale, in whichever form it takes, and I want to foster that same feeling for my own children." - Curtis Ackie

To help support our work (and to receive limited edition, free of charge merchandise with the book) You can pre-order SEEDLINGS exclusively here.


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