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Reading And Children's Psyche: How Reading Helps Children Become Smarter

Hello reader,

When I was a child, one of my favourite things to do was to follow my mom into the bookshops and browse the children's section for new books I had not read. I was always excited about this activity because it meant I would get to take home new books bought by my mom for me. This singular memory is one of my favorite memories from my childhood and I still remember the joy I felt then, even as a grown woman today who enjoys reading books.

Reading has always done great things in children's development. I, my dear reader, am a living testimony of that. So, keep reading if you are yet to know the ways reading helps children become smarter.

I do not want to waste your time so let's dive right into it.

1. Reading helps children with their vocabulary, i.e. verbal development.

Starting off with the most known benefit of reading, verbal development is one of the great benefits that comes with reading for children and adults alike. A child who reads is always exposed to a world of new words.

Reading does a lot of good for children as they get to read and pronounce new words they have probably never seen before. Through this, they are able to get the meanings of these new words and apply it to their daily conversations.

A scenario where this helped me as a young adult was when a dear lecturer asked my class for the meaning of a word and I was able to answer the question because I had come across it while reading. That certainly made me feel good.

2. Reading fuels children's imaginative world.

Most Children's books, just like A Grand Place by Leighan Renaud and Elizabeth Lander have illustrations and colours that open children's mind to a number of new possibilities and imagination they probably would not have thought of otherwise.

Books open their minds to see characters, especially ones that look like them, go on adventures and do great things.

3. Reading helps children gain knowledge

A child who reads is a child who knows. Apart from increasing verbal fluency, reading also helps children get informed on certain things. Through books, children get enlightened on things happening around them and in far away places they have not been to.

Illustrated books like Zazi Finds Plantain by Ogaga Emuveyan and Asma Aden Mohamed can further cement their knowledge on different subjects like colours, fruits, vegetables and how food gets to the table.

4. Reading aids children's social skills

You might wonder how this is so, since there is the stereotypical view that readers are 'hermits'. However, this is not so.

Reading teaches children how to start and hold conversations. It is also of notable importance that reading teaches children conflict resolution, exposes them to social situations and helps children to learn empathy.

5. Reading is a form of entertainment

You may wonder how this is supposed to make a child smarter. I'll tell you. You're most likely familiar with the "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" saying, yes? That's what applies here.

When children read, they become smarter. When children read, they are entertained. Reading is a two-in-one package. They are getting entertained on one hand and on the other, they are learning.

Children don't like things that bore them as they become restless. However, those interesting and adventurous books just like the ones I've mentioned above give them something to look forward to during reading time.

These five reasons are why you should incorporate reading into the schedule of any child in your life today. Reading keeps children informed, knowledgeable, entertained and imaginative. Plus, they will thank you in later years for integrating that skill into them.

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