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Children's Question Corner... with Asma Aden Mohamed

Our magical fourth picture book Lines, Lines, Lines! is now available! Debut illustrator Asma Aden Mohamed and Luke Elliott have created a cute adventure full of community and with acting at its heart. We follow Amari as he prepares to audition for the school play.

Asma specialises in 2D and 3D animation and earned their Bachelor of Arts at the Université de la lorraine in Metz, France.

We wanted you all to get to know Asma and her art a little better, so our children interviewed her! In this Question Corner T(10), M(5) and Y(4) asked the important questions!

Y: Cats and snakes are my favourite things to draw. What are yours?

These are so cute to draw! I personally love to draw characters that goes on adventure and create the story that goes with it! But I really like to draw children, dogs and people being kind to each other!

M: Do you like magic?

I love it! Magic is important to me, and I love seeing it in the people I like and the small things!

T: I like the colours, how did you make the colour theme?

Thank you so much! I do love colors too, most of the times I associate colors to emotions and people. For example, Amari’s color is yellow for me, because he seems like a really happy and passionate character isn't he?

Thank you Asma for letting us get to know you better, and thank you to the children for asking such wonderful questions!


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