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Curtis Ackie

Founder and Editorial Director

Curtis is an autistic black British writer of Grenadian and St. Lucian descent. Curtis’ passion is to make fresh fantastical fiction for children. They cleverly weave imagination throughout their writing and oversee the creative direction of our books.

Ebony Lyon

Founder and Head of Marketing

Ebony looks after the commercial and marketing side of Formy Books. She is passionate about delivering cutting edge books featuring under-represented black communities. Her passion goes beyond what is inside the pages and she is also focused on emerging black representation in the arts.

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Lauren Ackie

Commissioning Editor

Lauren is a passionate creative with a keen eye for talent and an attention to detail. She has a love for words and makes sure everything is at its shiniest and best.

Saffron Alexander

PR and Publicity

Saffron is extremely passionate about positive books for children and young adults and is an avid reader. She has a strong background in media and communications and is a sucker for anything involving magic and frogs!


Emillie Sematimba

Social Media Manager

Emillie is a Communication & Media student who loves to promote inclusion and diversity. She also enjoys reading and has a huge passion for music.

Yiying Zhang

Strategic Marketing Consultant


Yiying is a multilingual student at Columbia University who is passionate about literature and arts from all over the world. She earned her bachelor's degree in Marketing Science, enabling her to gain skills like strategic planning and data analysis. 

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