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Jardley Jean-Louis

Jardley is an NYC born award-winning artist, animator, art director and filmmaker based in Queens, NY. Their work leans on their intersectional identities in Blackness, queerness, and the First (or Second) generation American experience.


Kandice Johnson

Kandice is a Washington, USA based digital artist focused on creating media for diverse audiences. Her goal is to change the face of the art community so that it better reflects the world we live in today.

Brianna McCarthy

Brianna is a self-taught mixed media visual communicator, from and based in Trinidad and Tobago. Her art examines and challenges the ways in which Black women's bodies are portrayed.

Brianna McCarthy.png

Asma Aden Mohamed

Asma specialises in 2D and 3D animation and earned their Bachelor of Arts at the Université de la lorraine in Metz, France. Asma loves travelling and discovering new cultures.

Sydney Jackson

Sydney is a Ringling College of Art and Design graduate, based in Tennessee, USA. Sydney's goal is to help change the norm of representation in children's media, as every child should get to see someone who looks like them be the hero of the story.

Elizabeth Lander.jpg

Elizabeth Lander

Born and raised on the Caribbean island of Grenada, Elizabeth studied her Masters in Illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts in London, UK. Her favourite thing to draw is the world in which we live, and highlight its beauty.

Constanza Goeppinger

Constanza is a Chilean freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Australia, where she studied Graphic Design. Constanza's work focusses on women, fashion and flowers. She loves to experiment with colourful palettes and patterns.

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