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Ashley Baptiste

Ashley is a queer artist and ballroom historian born and raised in Fulham, London. Ashley’s love for history and writing has grown through teaching history to the LGBTQI+ community and new generation, and he hopes to continue to share this love with others.

Claire Ndario

Claire is a lover of all things creative and is from Luton, UK. Her interests range from singing and dancing to drawing and crocheting, and she can often be found practicing on her roller-skates. Claire hopes to inspire children and young people like her to dream as if there is no limit.

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Ogaga Emuveyan

Ogaga is a 'disgruntled old man in a disgruntled young man's body'. His desire is to contribute to creating a world where stories by black children's book writers, which centre the lives, experiences and possibilities of black childhood can be told and celebrated.

Luke Elliott

Luke is an actor and writer from Birmingham, UK. He believes all children deserve to be seen, to feel important and that they matter.


Dr Leighan Renaud

Leighan is a lecturer in English Literature, who loves all things Caribbean and all things books. Leighan believes good representation helps children to imagine new possibilities.

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