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Formy Books exists because of the amazing, and at times overwhelming, support of the community that is growing around us.


Family means everything to us, and we are ever grateful to our children, who motivate us to improve the world they live in, through the books we put out. A very special thank you goes to Berton and Cynthia Ackie for their constant support, not only financial, but also through their time, help and guidance. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.


Special mentions go to Rebekah Borucki and Anna Whitehouse, who believed enough in our vision from its conception, to offer an endless amount of invaluable support and advice.


Formy Books also owes a massive debt to Protoje and his In.Digg.Nation Collective. Through both their music, which constantly soundtracks our days, and the wonderful way they have set up an amazing and culture defining team, they have been a massive inspiration for us on our own journey.


All power to the people. All praises to the ancestors.

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